Monday, April 27, 2015
Download a free and lightweight XML Schema Browser

Tired of expensive and inefficient tools for browsing complex XML schema's? SchemaBrowser is a free tool to quickly browse and analyse XML schema's (.XSD). Its key features are:

  • Tree navigation
  • Xpath location of selected element
  • Schema source with color coding and hyperlink navigation
  • Namespace information of current selected element
  • Local disk cache to quickly load all referenced schema's
  • Full text search in all type definitions
  • Favorites to quickly fetch your favorite schema's
  • .NET class generator for serialization and desearialization of XML messages.

What it's NOT:

  • A schema editor i.e. you can not modify schema's.
  • A schema validator i.e. schema's must be well-formed and valid before they can be opened using the Schema Browser tool.
  • Although this software is tested for a full year in heavy conditions using the large and complex schema's of UN/CEFACT's Core Component Library (CCL), it's still in beta condition. Hence, it's free!

 XML SchemaBrowser Tool

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